We have served a wide range of industries. Here is one of the many success stories – Seamless Car Parking

Business Description:
Our customer manages a lot of car parks inside the shopping malls all over Hong Kong.

Client Requirement Analysis:
Our client was looking for an innovative parking solution to provide more convenient ways for the customers to drive in and out the car park of the malls without stopping at the gates, and also to redeem the free car parking benefit easily, without queuing at customer service counter especially after the peak hours.

Our Solutions:
SBL and its partners utilized the Mobile APP, AIoT Video Analytics based OCR technology, AIoT Image processing based OCR technology, and Edge Computing, and came up with a Seamless Car Parking solution.

Business Benefits:
After implemented our Seamless Car Parking solution, the customers of our client just need to pre-register the license plate number and preferred payment method on our Car Parking Mobile APP. With the integration of the pre-installed car park system, our AIoT Video Analytics based OCR technology running on edge computer recognizes the pre-registered license plate number of the car and instructs the car park system to open the gates automatically at driving in and out.

Our AIoT Image processing based OCR technology running on edge computer can recognize the receipts from merchants for redeeming the free car parking hours according to pre-configured rules with our Car Parking Mobile APP or Kiosk located at the lobby. There is no more queuing at customer service counter.

Moreover, the Seamless Car Parking solution will signal the Car Park System to calculate the correct parking fee and send the payment request to payment gateway when a car is being driven out.

The whole solution has boosted the customer satisfaction and attracted more drive-in customers as a result.