Artificial Intelligence of Things

When AI Meets the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology helping us to reimagine daily life, but artificial intelligence (AI) is the real driving force behind the IoT’s full potential.

From its most basic applications of tracking our fitness levels, to its wide-reaching potential across industries and urban planning, the growing partnership between AI and the IoT means that a smarter future could occur sooner than we think.

AI + IoT = Mega Powers of Possibilities

IoT devices use the internet to communicate, collect, and exchange information about our online activities. Every day, they generate 1 billion GB of data.

By 2025, there’s projected to be 42 billion IoT-connected devices globally. It’s only natural that as these device numbers grow, the swaths of data will too. That’s where AI steps in—lending its learning capabilities to the connectivity of the IoT.

3 key technologies empowered AIoT:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Programmable Intelligence enabling devices to learn reason, and process information like humans

5G Network

5th generation mobile networks with extremely fast, near-zero latency for real-time data processing

Big Data

Large volumes of data from numerous Internet-connected source for normal processing methods

Future AIoT Technologies

AIoT promises to radically transform how we interact with our homes, offices and cities every day:

Edge Computing

Future : Home robots and autonomous vehicle

Current: Smart thermostats and Smart application

Voice AI

Future : Natural language procssing and ePayment voice authentication

Current : 1D: Smart Speakers and 2D : Voice-activated LCD display

Vision AI

Future : Video analytics on the edge and Super 8k resolution

Current : Massive object detection and 4K resolution

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